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Welcome to the first digital contracting Platform

With Connected Destination we digitize entire holiday regions and connect them online with a various B2B & B2C distribution channels. 
Unique is the merging of traditional distribution channels with online channels. Thus, providers from the destination in real time and digitally can provide their services and availabilities, prices to travel distributors such as tour operators, travel agencies and OTA's.

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Learn more about participating in the new distribution channels and how to serve your existing distribution partners in real time. Thanks to digital connectivity, we also accelerate internal processes and achieve a real-time display of rates and availabilities directly at the point of sale.

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Discover the possibilities to book the offered accommodation, activities and services directly from the destinations. With the Real-time Connector we offer you a professional interface for the search and booking of travel services.

About us

Connected Destination was founded by a long-standing team of tourism experts, TravelTech experts and global investors. The team members have over 30 years of professional experience in various fields of industry and bring with them an excellent network.

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Technology expert traffics opens new branch in Palma de Mallorca for local expansion of Connected Destination

Berlin (w&p) 21 February 2018 – traffics goes Palma: The company just opened a new branch on the Germans’ favourite island of Mallorca. Thus, traffics can expand its latest tourism platform Connected Destination. The company had rolled it out in September 2017 to push forward digitalization of Mallorca’s touristic offer by using an innovative technology….

February 21, 2018
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