Do you want to be Connected with distribution channels that guarantee you a higher Margin ?

Learn more about participating in the new distribution channels and how to serve your existing distribution partners in real time. Thanks to digital connectivity, we also accelerate internal processes and achieve a real-time display of rates and availabilities directly at the point of sale.

Suitable for operators of: Hotels, Villas, Apartments, Rental & Lease, Recreation Activities, Governments & Associations.

Offered to 6.000 Travel agency experts. Reach more than 160 OTA´s and be visible for over 250 touroperators, specialist in dynamic Packaging.

Connected Destination architecture for providers
push contracted and non-contracted rate to exiting and new distributors in REAL-TIME to the point of sales. Use the digital contracting solutionto get Higher Margin.

How to be Connected with us ?

We can connect directly to your PMS system.
We can connect to any global Channel Manager.
Use the Connected Destination Extranet as your revenue tool

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CD Team

Catarina Firchau & Manuela Schiff

Distribution & Contracting

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