Hotels, Tour Operators or Wholesalers: Who's in control?

You sell your hotel rooms to a tour operator/wholesaler. They apply a mark - up and deliver the rooms to other distributors. Do you...

... have the knowledge of who is finally selling you?

... know the final price of your hotel rooms?

... realize what is your ranking position in booking systems?

Is the answer 3 x "no"?
You may be losing control of your sales.

With CosmoNaut, you get control of:

Who is selling you on the German market

Your static/FIT rates offered by tour operators

How is your non-bookable content displayed

Your search ranking and recommendation rates

Rates and availability of hotels in your neighborhood

Knowledge is power.
CosmoNaut gives you both

CosmoNaut is a price comparison and booking system, used by over 6.000 Travel Agencies. It gives Travel Agents the access to more than 85 billion travel offers within seconds from all kind of tour operators, including dynamic tour operators + online suppliers, such as Expedia etc. They can also see and search for integrated hotel ratings and recommendation rates.

Your hotel is also there. Do you want to control it?
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Our Cosmonaut is a comprehensive solution that is used throughout the hospitality industry to automate the rate comparison process, leading to better informed and quicker pricing-decisions. Get connected to get your competitive advantage!

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