Innovation – Virtually certified covid test now available

traffics is the first travel technology company integrating a virtually certified covid test in the check out process for OTAs

How can this benefit you as a hotelier and how can you make this available to your clients?

Together with our partner Proof of LAIVE, a medical service company based in Berlin, we offer you and your guests a virtual and immediate covid test that will allow your guests a comfortable stay until departure.


  ✓  Test kit known by DACH market already
        ✓  Improved customer service & satisfaction
        ✓  Cheaper than an «in person test» 
        ✓  Clients remain at hotel to use facilities
        ✓  Earn commission for each sold test kit
        ✓  Add value to your covid safety measures
        ✓  Your hotel will be included in our newsletter campaign


With this service, your guests can purchase the test from your reception and then carry out the test with a personal video assistant in their hotel room. They will then receive the digital COVID Travel Certificate directly on their cell phone afterwards.

Our partner company has been in the market for 10 years, operating a test center in Berlin and has developed the video testing center which is certified by the German government and accepted by all airlines. In the first phase of operation the service will serve German, Swiss and Austrian citizens.

How to get more information?

The lesser the stress on vacation, the better the whole experience.
Help your clients enjoy their holiday until the last minute through a hassle-free covid test option.

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