Interview with Le Farnatchi: Hotel Management during the pandemic

We have received some really nice feedback on our interview series from our partners, so we are even more delighted to share with you today the insight of our third interviewee James Wix, the founder of the luxurious 5* Moroccan Palace Hotel called Le Farnatchi in Marrakech.

James and Alex Wix, the two founders, have worked for over 30 years within the travel industry and now run the travel company Wix Squared. You might have come across them and their unique property through articles published by Elle & Wedding Ideas, BBC & Suitcase and plenty more.

Living in Marrakech, the Wix family knows best about the needs of the travelers and must do’s in Marrakech. Would you like to know how one of the best traditional Palace Hotels in Marrakech is managing the current situation?

Has 2020 pushed you to put measurements and/or new technologies in place?

«We have made all sorts of updates to Le Farnatchi including technology to allow contactless check-in and check-out, new television systems and easier online communications with our reception team.«

Has this crisis changed the distribution environment for hoteliers in general?

«Distribution channels are always evolving, but there is certainly a high demand for the protections offered by a traditional travel agent or tour operator following the last 12 months.«

Could you give a best practice advise on how to approach customers during current times with no demand. How do you stay connected with them?

«We believe that a gentle approach is best at the moment, with so many people unable to travel keeping visibility using social media and the occasional emailer is what we have opted to do.​​​»

What new services have you added to meet current and most likely different demands of customers?

«We have enhanced cleaning practices, added all the recommended sanitary protections and trained staff in how to keep themselves and our guests safe. This is alongside the contactless check-in and other technological aids.«

What do you currently need most?

«Happy guests and great partnerships!«

We thank James Wix for taking part in our interview and for sharing the way how the Le Farnatchi team manages to create the best out of the current situation. What about your hotel? Do you have other aproaches and methods? Let us share our stories and learn from each other. 

Feel free to contact us and share your story. 

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