Interview with Maspalomas Lago Canary Sunset: Hotel Management during the pandemic

While exhibiting at the virtual ITB NOW 2021, we gladly continue conducting interviews with our partners to get a little bit of insight into their current work life. We are happy to share the fourth interview with you.  

Today we would like to introduce you the hotel Maspalomas Lago Canary Sunset located in Gran Canaria. Its colorful sunsets, the lovely bungalows and the beautiful outdoor swimming pool of the hotel are a perfect reason to have an exceptional and unforgettable holiday in sunny Gran Canaria. 

Has 2020 pushed you to put measurements and/or new technologies in place?


Has this crisis changed the distribution environment for hoteliers in general?


Could you give a best practice advise on how to approach customers during current times with no demand. How do you stay connected with them?

Through social networks, launching many offers to the local client and the regular client of the hotel.

What new services have you added to meet current and most likely different demands of customers?

We offer new services like post-covid rehabilitation treatments, check in online and disinfection of rooms.

What kind of advice would you give to your colleagues in the hotel industry? 

I would suggest to save money in the current situation.

What do you currently need most?

Clients and money.” 

Which skills did your employees improve on or are improving on? Self-study, professional improvements, podcasts, webinars etc.?

Nowadays everyone is spending a lot of time in virtual meetings. So it was important for us to learn how to save time and we did it.

Is there anything or anyone that you are specifically grateful for?

Suppliers and their patience.

And what are you grateful for? Let us know and share your story. Feel free to contact us.

We thank Maspalomas Lago Canary Sunset for taking part in our hotel interview series.   

We look forward to new partnerships and we hope to hear your story as well!

Your Connected Destination Team

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