Interview with Pestana Plaza Mayor: Hotel Management during the pandemic

We are happy to share with you today our second interview that we have conducted with one of our selected  hotel partners, in order to gain some insight into their challenges, findings and adapted strategies during these challenging times. We strive to learn from each other’s experiences.

Today we want to share with you the story of Pestana Plaza Mayor – an exclusive hotel of the Pestana Collection brand that is located in the heart of Madrid and combines the baroque architecture of the 17th Century with a sophisticated decor and the amenities of the 21st century. 

Has 2020 pushed you to put measurements and/or new technologies in place?

“It fastened up our plan to develop the Pestana App, and now we are proud we finally managed to do so. For the moment we are looking into alternatives to streamline check-in and check-out processes.”

Has this crisis changed the distribution environment for hoteliers in general?

“Yes. It increased the share of individual domestic leisure clients, reached mainly through direct and OTA channels.”

Could you give a best practice advise on how to approach customers during current times with no demand. How do you stay connected with them?

“First of all, we are minimizing the risk in physical interactions. Also, we are promoting and guiding the shift to online channels. We understand that staying reachable and treating customers with care in personal interactions is very important now. Nevertheless, it is our duty to care about the community through genuine values of our company.”

What new services have you added to meet current and most likely different demands of customers?

“We are proud of implementing one of our new services which is the reservation system for pool and spa usage. Above that, our butler service for special occasions usually like celebrations at the restaurant (i.e. New Year’s Eve) is now available for in-room service.”

What kind of advice would you give to your colleagues in the hotel industry? 

“To leverage the right digital channels and strategies (audit content, evaluate tools and tech, refresh creative assets). To make CRM and loyalty a priority. To create new revenue streams and rise in local travel. Another important aspect is the personalization, e.g. it could be providing unique experiences or experiences that promote mental health & wellness. Also, be flexible and keep on reinventing yourself.”

What do you currently need most?

“Demand (customer confidence travelling) and a more flexible labour policy.” 

Which skills did your employees improve on or are improving on? Self-study, professional improvements, podcasts, webinars etc.?

“We developed a more flexible team with a broader skillset, constantly helping out other departments.”

Is there anything or anyone that you are specifically grateful for?

“Our guests and most definitely our fantastic team.”

We hope that you could gain some insightful information from the story of Pestana Plaza Mayor and feel more connected to your colleagues around the world. We thank Pestana Plaza Mayor for taking the time to take part in our hotel interview series. Loyal partnerships is one of the keys to business success.  

Feel free to contact us and share your story. 

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