Interview with Unico Hotels: Hotel Management during the pandemic

Today we are delighted to share with you the interview with our partner Unico Hotels.

Thanks to his passion for travel and his eye for detail, Unico Hotels founder Pau Guardans i Cambó turned each hotel into a very unique creation. Behind every single detail, every room, every corner of each hotel is perfection and a unique idea.

Therefore, if you go to Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, or Costa Brava you will encounter completely different hotels, however all having in common special art and cultural elements. 

We were interested to learn about the impact of the current global situation and the changes it has brought to Unico Hotels. Juan Segura, Head of Sales of Finca Serena Mallorca tells us about how the company copes with the pandemic and what challenges it has encountered along the way.  

Has 2020 pushed you to put measurements and/or new technologies in place?

Yes, although UNICO HOTELS is a luxury boutique hotels collection, we have increased our presence in digital marketing, for data research and analysis, and sales. Connected Destination is a great example of that.

Has this crisis changed the distribution environment for hoteliers in general?

We are happy to keep our cooperation with our partners (OTA, Travel Designers, Luxury TTOOs) and we have increase our digital distritibution, investing in digital marketing.

Could you give a best practice advise on how to approach customers during current times with no demand. How do you stay connected with them?

We are conducting webinars and video calls with Travel Designers and TTOOs, they very much appreciate these meetings, we learn from each other about the market situation and future expectations. Increasing communication in Social media.

What new services have you added to meet current and most likely different demands of customers?

Our customers are well educated, they are looking for a complete experience to take with them after the holidays, a “holistic experience” for their life balance and soul. We have created Yoga Retreats for customers to reconnect with themselves.

What kind of advice would you give to your colleagues in the hotel industry? 

Take profit of this time to reconnect with your customers and employees, redefine your approach to nature implementing eco-friendly procedures.

What do you currently need most?

Certainty and normality in our industry.” 

Which skills did your employees improve on or are improving on? Self-study, professional improvements, podcasts, webinars etc.?

Webinars presentations, Tourism digital technology, CRM best practises (update DDBB).

Is there anything or anyone that you are specifically grateful for?

We are grateful to our business partners and our employees to keep the confidence with Unico Hotels.

Thank you Unico Hotels and Juan Segura for answering our questions and giving useful insights on how to get the best out of this difficult situation. Supporting each other and sharing best practices today is extremely important and very much needed in every partnership. Let us know and share your story. Feel free to contact us.  

We look forward to new partnerships and we hope to hear your story as well!

Your Connected Destination Team 

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