Free access to our comparison system: How do German travel agents see your product?

Connected Destination – Your key to the German-speaking market

Use your time effectively and analyze the positioning of your hotel in the German-speaking market, before travel activities restart.

By using our technology & B2B distribution platform Connected Destination, you are directly connected to the German-speaking market with a wide reach to distributors in the DACH market. Besides our marketing activities that come with the Connected Destination partnership, we would like to share with you today our newest free offer:

Get free access to the Cosmonaut – one of the leading reservation and booking systems in the German-speaking market. The Cosmonaut system is used by up to 6.000 travel agents/OTAs/tour operators.
 CosmoNaut gives you the following benefits

CosmoNaut gives you the following benefits

Check and control the presence of your hotel in the German-speaking B2B segment: who is selling you?
Check your competitors: their appearance, prices and updates
Check your bookability: non-bookable and bookable content
How do I activate the free trial and how do I apply?If you are already a partner of Connected Destination, simply send us an email and we will activate your Cosmonaut login details.If you are new to Connected Destination – no problem! You are eligible too simply become our partner by 31.12.2020.
Please contact us through our website or send us an email

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