Germany´s bookings are on the rise

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We gladly inform you that bookings in the German speaking market are on the rise as traffics group statistics show. Traffics CEO Salim Sahi presents an extensive data analysis to German TV including latest bookings and search insights.

Click here to watch the interview-video and have a look at the statistics.

What do the statistics tell us?

Overall bookings are rising noticeably – hotel only bookings are currently well ahead of package deals. At 59%, they make up almost a third of the shopping basket, 28% opted for package tours – 13% booked flights only during the reviewed period. Long-term planning takes priority over short-term bookings.

CEO Salim Sahi recommends viewers to book now, as demand is currently increasing, but still low and prices are therefore still reasonably low too. This could change quickly as soon as demand rises.

The current top requested destinations of the German speaking market after Germany and Austria are Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Cuba, Italy, the UAE, Bulgaria and other countries. A great colorful mix!

Price strategies differ in each country in comparison to the previous year. In Portugal we see an increase of up to 27%. Other countries, on the other hand, are currently cheaper than in 2019 – Spain shows a reduction of 24% and Turkey is about 26% cheaper than in the same period last year.

Sahi sees a great increase of interest in Spain since the announcement of the scheduled opening for the beginning of July – especially for Mallorca. Here, demand will rise quickly. Catarina Firchau Distribution Manager of Connected Destination says that Hoteliers in Mallorca are pretty much ready to go. Some hotels, such as the Lindner Hotel, will already open now in June. Other hotels such as Park Hyatt Mallorca, OD Port Portals or Steigenberger Hotel & Resort Camp de Mar are concentrating on opening their doors in July.

Above all we can notice that especially local Spanish hotel chains have made special offers available to their clients for example UR Hotels, Can Calco Hotels, THB Hotels and many more. To reduce any risks for customers and to offer more flexibility, most offers are refundable in line with the new reality. In addition, there are significantly more room only deals available and a lot more health and safety measurements in place so holiday makers can completely relax and recharge their batteries after the eventful months that lay behind everyone.

Is your team completely prepared for the RESTART? Did you match your prices meeting the current demands and did you think about new ways of distribution for your hotel? Connected Destination is here to support you, please reach out to us for any more information!

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